About Thai massage

foto traditionele thaise massage

When you ask someone what they associate with Thailand, the world famous Thai massage will also be mentioned. Yet it appears that many tourists do not easily opt for a Thai massage because a relationship with sex and sex tourism is quickly established. But what exactly is Thai massage?

Thai massage is just like acupuncture a method to heal the body in case of illness and imbalance. It is an ancient Thai medicine that together with spiritual forces, herbs and nutrition can heal sick people and keep healthy people healthy.

Our Team

Nang is originally from Thailand and is the founder of massage salon...
Nang is a very experienced masseuse with a lot of years experience.

Our advantages

Our approach
We listen in advance to your complaints and then, in consultation with you, we will coordinate our massage
Only you
You are the only person in the salon. You won't run into anyone else.
Hygienic Standards
Our massage tables are completely cleaned and reconstituted after each massage. Obviously, you can also take a separate shower afterwards.


By chance I ended up at Meu Tong. Upon entering you immediately feel at ease. People listen carefully to your complaints and needs. Time flies and you feel reborn afterwards.

Mark , Client