Frequently asked questions

Can I choose from multiple locations?
At this moment we only have one location. Perhaps there will be expansion in the future.
I never like to be massaged because I have to take off my clothes, is that different here?
Yes, that is very different here. During the Thai massage you put on a nice loose-fitting pants, t-shirt with long sleeves and socks. During the massage, your body temperature even drops and you lie partly under a nice blanket. During the oil massage you can keep your underwear on, but otherwise you are covered under a towel. You can really relax with your eyes closed for 1 hour or 1.5 hours.
For whom is Thai massage suitable?
A Thai massage is for everyone! For everyone, man and woman, from young to old From sporty to less active From being healthy to revitalizing From a vague complaint to a clearly identifiable complaint From accepted disease to chronic condition From feeling good to very depressed From bon vivant to stresser
I am 60+, can I be massaged?
Of course it is important to ask permission from your doctor / physiotherapist or other expert if you are under treatment. But generally a massage is good for mind and body no matter what age you have.
I have an injury, can I be massaged?
It is useful to inform us about your injury when making an appointment. We can then discuss what is and is not possible during the massage treatment. At the massage, we possibly skip parts of the body, but there is always a very large part of the body that can be massaged!
I have a physical disability, can I be massaged?
This is very possible in consultation with us. We make an appointment and discuss what you need and what adjustments we can apply in a massage.
I am pregnant, can I be massaged?
Unfortunately, we do not do this. We still find the risk for the baby too big.
What is Thai massage?
Thai massage is just like acupuncture a method to heal the body in case of illness and imbalance. It is an ancient Thai medicine that together with spiritual forces, herbs and nutrition can heal sick people and keep healthy people healthy.