Special massages

4 Hands Massage
A 4-handed massage is more than twice as tasty as a regular 2-handed massage. The sensation of four hands on your body is not actually described with a pen. With 4 hands that massage your body, the pleasure is simply not to keep up.
Duo Massage
Duo massage is a nice way for clients to relax together. Moreover, it can be a good solution for people who do not like to be touched by others and therefore do not easily walk to a masseur. Duo massage can then just lower that threshold. In addition,

Healing massages

Thai medical massage
Thai medical massage is one of the world's oldest healing methods. Thai medical massage is more than 2,500 years old. Originally from India...
Herbal stamp massage
Herbal stamp massage is a massage with warm bundles filled with herbs that have cleansing, activating and relaxing properties. This...
Aromatherapy is the aromatic and relaxing massage that uses special mixed oils that help the body to refresh and relax. This gentle...

Common massages

Hotstone massage

At Hotstone massages smooth basalt stones (stones heated with water of 42-45 degrees) are placed on nodes of the body such as the spine, the palms of the hands and between the fingers and the toes.

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Body scrub massage

Scrubbing is the removal of dead skin cells by, for example, rubbing scrub salt over the skin. The purpose of exfoliating is to remove the upper dead skin cells, making the skin softer. It is recommended for both men and women.

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Neck-shoulder-back massage

The neck-shoulder-back massage is very suitable for people who have an office job. The main goal is improving physical functions and reducing fatigue and stress.

It works well against headache, back pain and a stiff neck.

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Oil full body massage

This form of massage gives your body and mind a feeling of relaxation and rest. At Meu Tong you can enjoy this ancient technique. Warm oil massage promotes the bleeding, releasing tired and tense muscles. Waste is removed while your body gets the chance to recover optimally.

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Anti-stress massage

The anti-stress massage is a relaxing treatment that concentrates on the back, shoulders, neck and head. These are the places where stress often manifests itself.

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Balancing Pressure massage

The Balancing Pressure massage is an effective treatment to clear the body in a short time of headaches and painful muscles caused by stress and tension.

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Rates for one hour

Omschrijving Duur Tarief Aanvullende info
4 Hands Massage 60 min. € 100.00
Anti-stress massage 60 min. € 50.00
Aromatherapy 60 min. € 50.00
Balancing Pressure massage 60 min. € 50.00
Duo Massage 60 min. € 100.00
Hotstone massage 60 min. € 55.00
Neck-shoulder-back massage 60 min. € 50.00
Oil full body massage 60 min. € 50.00
Thai medical massage 60 min. € 50.00